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Paulis Naturkost

Cow Achilles Tendons

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This is a natural 500g treat bag from Paulis Naturkost.

These tendons are dried and are the perfect chew treat for any dogs. These cow tendons are suitable for all dog sizes. For larger sized dogs, make sure to keep an eye on them while chewing so they don't accidentally choke.

These treats are produced by Pauli's Naturkost.
Pauli's Naturkost is a small brand from Krieglach, Styria, who understands the importance of good quality food and nutrition for our beloved fur-babies. With lots of experience in this department, they have a wide selection of high quality foods and treats fitting for any and every diet. All their products are natural, including only the best ingredients and ranging from grain free, fresh cooked and raw diets. 

Size Information

1 treat bag contains 500g.

More Information

Crude protein 83.4%, crude fat 11.1%, crude ash 1.5%
Single Protein Dog Treat