The Story of Beans and Buttons and How It Came To Be

The Story of Beans and Buttons and How It Came To Be

Sep 12, 2021Ada Moldoveanu

Who Are We

I am Ada and for as long as I can remember I wished to raise my own pooch. I grew up surrounded by dogs and since our last family dog's passing over 10 years ago, I have wanted to honor her memory by raising a furball of my own.

Until recently I was not ready emotionally and financially to take on the responsibility. But circumstances and priorities change and on the 15th of November 2020, we picked up Henry, a small bundle of joy that weighed less than one kilogram.

After so many years of hoping and day dreaming, he was finally here. 
A small gnocchi that stole our heart (and our socks) within seconds of meeting him.


How It Came To Be

And as the initial excitement began to settle, we quickly started to realize there are a bunch of items we still need to get for the very small Maltese pooch.

For example, we live in Vienna, Austria, where winters are cold and Henry has no undercoat. It's been nearly impossible to find clothing or shoes in sizes so small. We have tried many brands, and we always ordered at least two sizes. Even with size charts it has been nearly impossible to find something that just fits.

With time, we realized it is not just clothing, but many other products are either low quality or not functional despite being popular.

And the more we talked about it the more obvious it became that we are not the only ones struggling to find good quality products, no matter the size or breed of the dog.

Slowly, the idea of an online shop came to existence and so did the name.


The Name

As a puppy, Henry would always sleep on his back and the only feature we could see from the white mass of fur were his black paws. Or as we would say: "Look at those smol beans! 🥰 "

The buttons are, for us, the classic puppy eyes. Henry's black eyes plus nose look like three little buttons in his white fur.

Beans And Buttons, the name and the company, is deeply rooted in our daily life and is inspired by our own furball, Henry.


Our Intention

Henry and I hope to help you find products that last and that offer the quality you were promised and imagined when you purchased the item(s). We also strive to find more sustainable options for your pooch because we know how much we all love our planet. 


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