Our List Of Best Treats Of 2023

Our List Of Best Treats Of 2023

Feb 14, 2023Ada Moldoveanu

We only want the best for our dogs and that covers everything from food and treats to toys and accessories. In this post, we'll cover all about treats and our most favorite selection and where you can find them. 

But before we dive in, how do we define a good quality or a high value treat:

  • Ingredients are most important
  • Avoid anything with sugars or starchy carbs inside - your pup probably gets enough out of their regular meals
  • Treats don't have to be labeled "treats" to be considered treats - a carrot bite or a cucumber slice can be a treat too if your dog enjoy it!
  • Treat sizing - make sure it's proportional to the dog's size

PS. Most of the treats can be found in Europe only, but check their website, you might be surprised :) 


I started my quest for finding the best dog treats as Henry and I are still in training. Every week on Friday we have our training session with our trainer, and the rest of the week we train together on our own. 

He's just getting out of puberty and he's a very food driven guy, so I needed whatever he deemed as high value treat in order to properly grab his attention.

At times this changed every week, so I started getting very creative in my research. We tried everything, from store bought to air dried raw food to home cooked bites.

So here goes the list:



    We absolutely love Pala. It's air dried raw food created in Finland and made in Estonia. They use human grade meat both for their regular full recipes and their treats.

    All their products are minimally processed. They air dry their products at below 60 degrees, which means the treats and food naturally preserve most nutrients and don't need to add any additives post production.

    Although of different shape and texture than Ziwi Peak, Pala is a bit longer in shape and it's a bit more moist and they're even easier to break than Ziwi is.

    You can now order Pala directly from our website, you can find more information here


    Ziwi Peak

      We are absolutely in love with the Lamb Recipe. Although it's actually meant as dog food, not treats, we use it most of the time to reinforce good behavior. Also, when we're traveling we usually take this with our instead of our regular fresh diet. 

      The Ziwi Peak bites are square and are easy to break and do not crumble.

      You can order Ziwi Peak on Amazon or on many other online shops. Ziwi Peak is originally from New Zealand and by now you can get it nearly anywhere. 


      Natural Chicken Sausages by Pauli's Naturkost

        These sausages are a dream when it comes to redirecting your dog in a difficult situation. They are both tasty and have all the right smells to distract even the most focused of dogs. 

        The sausages are about 5 cm long, but they can easily be cut in thin slices and served in appropriate sizing. 

        Although they qualify as treats, these sausages are made of the best ingredients. Pauli's Naturkost is a small brand from Krieglach, Austria, who understands the importance of good quality food and nutrition for our beloved fur-babies. 

        You can order these on our website here.



          Hundekeks has an amazing selection of healthy and best quality ingredients. They cater to all dogs, no matter the dietary restrictions and you can even configure your own treats on their website.

          And if you're looking for that special treat for your dog's birthday party - they cater to that with amazing cakes mades especially for dogs. 

          All treats are a bit different in sizing and texture, our favorites are the Beefy Sticks - they break easily and don't crumble.  

          Check out their website here (only in DE). 


          Mein Fellkind

            Mein Fellkind's speciality are vegan treats. The treats are hand made in small batches and are carefully concocted to deliver a lot of yumminess to our little pooches.

            While a lot of dogs are only eating or a lot of meat, it's good to feed them a different kind of treat for a change. Or you might be one of those lucky ones who has pup that LOVE veggies so you have found yourself a hit.

            The recipes are made with veggies or fruits or herbs and come in different sizes. There are chew sticks, donuts and hearts.

            Small tip: if you have a small dog, pick the donuts, they're easier to chew on, while the hearts although smaller in size, are denser and more difficult to crack.

            They're not too easy to break and crumble a little, but I found cutting them with a knife works better. I also really like the chew sticks, I find them a healthy occupation in a restaurant or busy environment.  

            You can check out their website and online shop here


            Home made treats: boiled human grade chicken / beef hearts

              One easy but extremely successful recipe for success is to buy some chicken or beef hearts and boil them for a while. Once boiled, cut them into appropriate sized bites and give them to your pup. 

              Hearts are generally a very good source of zinc, iron and B vitamins, especially B12. However, like with everything else in life, make sure to feed in moderation. 

              You can thank me later :) 


              Home baked treats

                One of Henry's favorite vegetables are pumpkin and sweet potato, so I've gotten pretty creative using those as a base for different treat recipes. 

                Boil sweet potato and pumpkin and then mix with oat flakes. Bake these in a bar mould silicone mat at 150C for about 20-30 mins. You can use either baked, or if you'd like them to hold longer, you can dehydrate them in a dehydrator or in the oven at very low temperature. 

                Using the same boiled sweet potato and pumpkin base, you can add buckwheat flour and some boiled chicken liver or hearts or gizzards and repeat the cooking process described above. 

                The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to baking treats for your pup, you just have to mix in the ingredients he likes most and you'll forever have their attention.

                You can get the silicone mats off Amazon, or if you want high quality and durable silicone mats, you can opt for Collory - you can find their website here. Make sure to find the size that's most fitting for your dog's size. I personally found the 1cm half sphere mats to be my favorite when it comes to training. 


                Hope this helps you find your pup's new favorite treats and you can always reach out to us if you have any questions at all, we're here for you anytime! 

                We are not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned in the list, with the exception of the ones that we mentioned we have in our assortment. Therefore, we do not earn anything from promotion.  

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