It's not easy, but hang in there! Puppy school and professional trainers
May 02, 20230 Kommentare
A bit about puppy school and how professional trainers can help you navigated stressful situations. Puppyhood and puberty are tough but with appropriate help you'll both waltz through it all.
A simple guide to dog food types
Apr 05, 20230 Kommentare
There are many different types of dog food. Regular dry food, personalized freeze-dried, raw diets, wet food, home-cooked, and many more. We’ll give you an overview of popular options, so you can navigate the maze of dog food offers.
Our List Of Best Treats Of 2023
Feb 14, 20230 Kommentare
We only want the best for our dogs and that covers everything from food and treats to toys and accessories. In this post, we'll cover all about treats and our most favorite selection and where you can find them. 
Which brush? Which shampoo? Grooming tips
Sep 29, 20210 Kommentare
Part of your dog’s long term wellbeing is owed to regular grooming. And like with us humans, puppies should be introduced to a grooming routine early on. There are many tools available out there and they all seem to want to get you confused. We're here to help with that and make shopping for grooming tools easier for you.
The Puppy Is Coming Home - A Checklist
Sep 28, 20210 Kommentare
Items you might need before you bring your new pet home.
The Story of Beans and Buttons and How It Came To Be
Sep 12, 20210 Kommentare
A brief story about our how this came to be, how we came up with the name and what we hope to help you with!
What We Stand For And What We Strive To Achieve
Sep 07, 20210 Kommentare
Beans And Buttons was created out of the need to make sense of the multitude of products that exist for pets these days and scout for new, better and sustainable products for you and your pooches.