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Eye Contour Cleansing Foam

Eye Contour Cleansing Foam

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Cleansing Foam for the Eye Contour is a product which has been specifically studied to cleanse the eye contour of your pet. It is a non-irritating product with an elevate skin tolerability.

The extracts of Chamomile and Witch hazel give this foam lenitive, decongesting and anti-reddening properties; the astringent property of Witch hazel may help reducing excessive tears in some subjects. The product may be also used to cleanse every part of the body.

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A daily use of the product is recommended. Distribute some foam on a clean piece of cloth or on a gauze and cleanse the eye contour, or other parts of the body. Do not rinse.
We can use the product even in the liquid form: unscrew the packaging and wet a cotton-bud, and clean your pet's eyes.
Contains: Anionic surface-active agents (< 5%), Phenoxyethanol, Sodium benzoate, sodium cocoyl hydrolyzed soy protein, boric acid, Matricaria chamomilla, Hamamelis virginiana.

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