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The Knot-loosener contains emollient and extricating substances and is thus a product for dogs that facilitates brushing of the coat and confers shine and consistency to the hair.

The Knot-loosener is particularly recommended for long hair; it can be used both before and after the bath, depending on the animal’s needs.

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Spray Knot-loosener on the coat, especially on the thicker knots and tangles, let it act for a few minutes, massage in, brush and then go on with grooming. CAUTION: Do not overuse. Remove the excess of product with a cloth. We advise against its use on cats, unless you rinse the cat's coat afterwords. In any case, pay attention that the cat doesn’t lick itself during this procedure.
Contains (Reg. 907/2006/EC): Cationic surfactants (<5%), Potassium sorbate, Phoenoxyethanol, parfum. Contains also collagen.

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