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White Hair Conditioning Cream

White Hair Conditioning Cream

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White Hair Conditioning Cream is particularly recommended for white coats; it does not contain oxidizing agents which destroy the hair's keratin.

White Hair Conditioning Cream performs multiple actions:

    • excellent detangler: detangles knots and also reduces significantly the formation of new knots;
    • nourishes the coat and protects it against polluting agents;
    • prepares the hair to drying;
    • enlivens the whiteness of white coats, enhancing their splendor and beauty.

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Can be used pure or diluted with lukewarm water. Generally Conditioning Creams have to be left on the hair for a few minutes to have the hair and skin absorb the nourishing substances (the longer they are left on the coat, the more substances will be absorbed, usually at least 5 minutes); rinse the coat and go on to drying.
Contains )Reg. 907/2006/EC): Cationic surfactants (<5%), amphoteric surfactants (<5%), White Più® (optical brightener), perfume. Contains also: Lanolin, wheat proteins.

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