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White & Shine Beard Foam

White & Shine Beard Foam

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Cleansing, sanitizing, emollient and moisturizing foam specific for beard, mustaches, ruff and paws; restores the natural white and adds shine to colored coats. Also useful to remove food residues. It can be used on all coat types of cats and dogs.
Tea Tree Oil: sanitizing and balsamic effect.
Allantoin and Panthenol: soothing, emollient and gentle. For frequent use.
White Più: restores white and enhances colored coats without oxidizing agents.
(Organic) Marshmallow plant: stimulates the hair bulb for a healthy and bright new hair.

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To be used on dry coat. Distribute White and Shine on beard, mustaches, ruff and paws, massage in for a few minutes then brush the hair. Contains: Anionic surfactants (<5%), Optical brighteners (White più) (<5%), Sodium benzoate, Phoenoxyethanol, Perfume, Althaea officinalis (BIO), Allantoin, D-panthenol, Melaleuca alternifolia oil.

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